Your Options

An unplanned pregnancy is a hard thing to face. It’s hard to think clearly when you are feeling stressed or anxious about a pregnancy that has come at the wrong time. It’s hard to imagine what the future will hold and the impact this one decision will have on your life.  Here are some things to consider: 

Carefully Consider Your Options

  • Bring your baby to term and parenting him/her yourself
  • Have an abortion
  • Make an adoption plan for your baby

Before You Decide

  • Have as much information as possible, it’s your right. Regardless of the choice you are considering, there are many variables to consider. Your choice is for a lifetime.
  •  Are you certain you're pregnant? Is it a viable pregnancy? How far along are you? It takes courage to ask for help. Call and speak with someone about your options and learn more about your choices.

 You Have Rights

  • You have the right to choose
  • The right to carefully examine your options
  • The right to make your choice based on facts
  • The right to know how your choice may affect the rest of your life
  • The right to be fully informed

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