After Abortion Care

Experienced an abortion? Have you ever wondered what life could look like if you were set free from the guilt, shame, pain or sadness you may be experiencing because of a past decision?

At Eve’s Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, we know that the grief and loss a person may feel after an abortion is seldom acknowledged and can even be repressed or denied. It may have been many years since you had your abortion. However, the sense of loss and guilt may still weigh heavy on your heart. You are not alone.

What are you experiencing? 

You might be exhibiting symptoms of emotional or psychological stress related to your abortion. 

Signs of Stress


Self-destructive behaviors

Re-experiencing events related to the abortion


Psychological numbing



Trouble in bonding 

There is a path to healing. 

Take the first step. Reach out to someone who understands. You are not alone. We are here to help. Schedule an appointment today or call 786-732-7911. Free and confidential help is available. A more joyful and abundant life can be yours.